Where I got mine: http://t.co/6ZJClIk Get it through this link and get $5 offyour whole purchase* (if it’s your first time ordering from iHerb!) It will cut down the price to $1.90 USD!!

Overview: This brush set, made by Ecotools, is 100% cruelty free. It’s made of taklon bristles and it has aluminum ferrules. It also comes in an eco-friendly case, which is washable! It comes with  travel sized eye brushes: blending, creae, highlight, shade and smudge.

Price Point: I got mine at IHerb.com for $6.90 USD (+4.00 flat fee shipping up to 3 lbs). These prices vary depending where you get it. In Canada, I have only been able to find EcoTools at Rexall Pharma Plus and at Walmart, with prices ranging from $8.99 CDN to $16.99 CDN depending on what kit you buy.

Functionality: As a free lance MUA, I purposely buy brush kits so that I have many on hand, cutting the time off cleaning them in between clients. I have so many sets, but this set is super handy because it’s smaller than my palm when it’s rolled up! The washable brush case has a built in mirror, and 5 notches for the 5 brushes. It has a sturdy velcro closure that does not easily open up. I think the most important thing about these brushes is the quality of the brushes alone. They are super super soft. I have not come across any brush companies that sell amazingly soft brushes for such an amazing price. The fact that they’re cruelty free is a bonus! They do not shed, bleed or smell like anything for the matter. Because they’re taklon, you can use them with both powder and liquid/cream products! It also comes with what I consider the most important eye brushes. Usually, when you pick up travel kits, you’re jipped because almost always out of the bunch, you will get that eyebrow brush you don’t need or that sponge tipped brush that you never use! This is why this brush kit gets an A+.

so, any CONS? Availability. In the US, I’m almost positive this can easily be found in any drugstore. Being in Canada, I have to resort to ordering online (to get the best price) or sorting through the messy walmart aisles to find them. Also, I would have appreciated a liner brush in the kit because I’m a gel liner junkie.

FTC: This brush kit was bought with my own money. I am not an official affiliate of iHerb.com, but the link above is connected to me through their rewards program. If you do not wish to click the first link provided, you may still access the brushes by searching for the kit at iHerb.com.

Winter Skin Care

So as I type this, the temperature in Toronto is -5C, but feels like -10 with the windchill. This isn’t even half as bad as we would normally get, but I guess you can all catch my drift. The dry, cold air wreaks havoc on my already dry, eczema prone skin, so I have to take extra care of my skin during the winter.

My night routine starts with clearing off my makeup. I use Pond’s Cold Cream ($8-10CDN). I use it because it clears off the makeup I’ve had on (waterproof or not) and this specific one is formulated for dry skin. That being said, it gives off extra moisture even before I wash my face, so that the soaps won’t strip my face off oils that it desperately needs. After , I wash my face with The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Cream Cleanser ($14 CDN). I would suggest that if you use this, you should have really dry skin . It doesn’t lather, is thick, and feels like you’re washing your face with a moisturizer… but I like it. I use it with a scrublet, so that the stuff gets deep in my pores. I then pat, not rub my gace dry with a towel. Once dry, I squirt 1 and 1/2 pumps of L’Oreal’s Skin Regenesis ($25CDN) serum on to my fingers and apply it on my face and neck. Once absorbed, I use Nivea’s Aqua Sensation Eye Cream ($13 CDN) around my eye area. Remember, the skin around your eyes are thinner, thus it can act totally different from the rest of your face. Mine, in particular, do not like thick creams, so I use the Aqua Sensation because of it’s gel like consistency. When I use thick creams, I get milia :( . Finally, when all is said and done, I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion ($29-31 CDN) all over my face and neck.


During the day, it’s pretty much the same thing, minus the Pond’s obviously, and insert my L’oreal Ombrelle SPF 50 Face Sunscreen (not pictured, $15-20 CDN) because, despite the lack of sun, sun rays reflect even stronger from the snow to your face. When my face is particularly dry and I’m out and about, I take my The Body Shop Vitamin E face Mist with me (~$18 CDN?) to spray over my entire face, makeup or none.


That’s pretty much it. I also thought I’d post a bare-faced/no makeup photo of me — only because it shows that the skin routine works well :) (Note: My regular readers already know this, but for those who are new, no, i didn’t pluck my eyebrows out haha. Genetically, my whole family has sparse and thin brows…err..hair actually. I don’t even have to shave my legs !! Take that!)

I love this shirt.


Stay Warm!

Enter the Cold Weather

So it’s Mid-November and here in Canada, it’s getting pretty chilly. My skin has also lightened immensely from it’s tan in the summer — this means a new make up routine. But, because I am busy in school and I barely have time to even bother about how my face looks, I still stick to the “natural” make up looks as much as possible.

Here’s a breakdown:

For my face: I use a mix of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion ($31 CDN) and Lush’s Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow ($13 CDN). That’s it. My skin is pretty clear right now, and I frankly don’t like going to school with thick make up on anyway. The Colour supplement is pigmented — but not full coverage. It’s just right. When it’s not mixed with moisturizer, it gives a pretty medium coverage! For my dark circles, I use NYX’s HD Concealer in #5 Medium ($5 CDN, IMATS price) –IT IS AMAZING. Long lasting, HD friendly and it’s easy to apply. I wish I bought like 4 more. To finish the look, I use MAC’s Bite of An Apple Blush ($24 (?) CDN) from the Venomous Villains collection… screw what people say about coral being too summery. This Coral is more cool-toned pink based so I think it’s still fitting for the fall.

For my eyes: I am in LOVE with my UD Naked Palette ($52 CDN) and it is worth every penny I spent. My favourite colour of the bunch is Buck… I sweep it all over and I’m good to go! I also use the 24/7 liner in Whiskey that came with it… <3 Love. The Lise Watier brow palette in Blondes still keeps my eyebrows on point, and at $20 CDN, I think it’s a steal considering it’s lasted this long and the quality and colour match is impeccable ! For my lashes, I cannot rave more about Rimmel’s Lash Maxx ($4-$6 CDN) — the brush comb defines my lashes and it honestly doesn’t make me look so hairless … I actually have lashes!

For my lips: Not pictured would be the Eucerin Aquaphor ($9.99 CDN for big tube) Ointment that Iuse to keep my lips from chapping. After my lips drink it up, I use OCC LIP TARS in cha cha and melange ($10 CDN, IMATS price) to give off a paled down, MLBB look that matches well with the bright blush I usually have on!

FTC: All products were purchased by me.


ALL PRICES IN CAD (Includes Shipping for US and CDN buyers). International buyers, email me for a quote. Thanks! PAYPAL ONLY. If you would like to purchase, please email me your paypal address @ shexilicious@gmail.com. MINIMUM PURCHASE $10.00. Thank you!


SPECIAL VALID ONLY ON NOV 9 until 10pm EST — Take $3 off total purchase price!

I will ship once I receive your paypal payment (I live beside two P.O.s). Shippinh should take between 3-10 business days.

Edit: I can also do local meet-ups. Saves you shipping costs. Can meet up within the GTA. Meet up mininum $20

EDM — Golden Medium set w/ Concealer $3
NYC Chromacakes Sunstone and Moonstone [$5 for BOTH] ship

Physicians Formula Smokey Eye Kit (used 3x) $6

MAC Contour/Highlight in Lightsweep/ Shadester $15 [pend]

URBAN DECAY Eco Palette $25 (used 3x max!) pend


NYX eyeshadow palettes in Jazz Night and Champagne and Caviar

$5 each [pend]

SET OF 28 Everyday Minerals EYESHADOWS

(not pictured: “10 Items or less”). I will only sell this as bulk as I need to get rid of all of them [didn’t use them, not a loose shadow fan!].

BULK PRICE w/ Shipping $23


SET of 14 NYX Lipsticks [shipped]

[Louisiana, Vitamin,Tea Rose, Strawberry Milk, Margerita, Thalia, Circe, Gem, Creamy Beige, Georgia, Fig, Orange Soda, Jupiter and Paris]

Again, Only in BULK — $15 (ship included)



BNIB Benefit High Beam $18


EYEKO Cream Original and Bronze [$5 each or $9.50 both]


Revlon Floral Affair Blush in Honey Bunch $3


LA Colours Palettes in Unforgettable, Tease and Mesmerize $3 each or $7 for all

BN Unopened Revlon Colorstay 300 Golden Beige (Oily/Combo) $4

Annabelle Haute Gold Zebra Bronzing Powder $3 [pend]

Physician’s Formula Tan Organics Organic Face/Highlight and Bronzer$5

Barely used CS 88 Shimmer Palette — $15 CDN (ship inc.)

Warm weather faves!

I think my personal trend this summer is “skin” and “corals”. Because it is so humid outside, I tend to stray away from wearing make up and I only apply very little. Who really wants an oily, melted face anyway?

Et voila! These are what I truly call my “summer necessities”. They’ve been used time and time again and my routine will change.

  • MAC Face and Body in C3: The reason why this is awesome is because it’s lightweight, waterproof and works almost like tinted moisturizer. It’s in a shade where it even works even if I tan a little. I also use this on my legs when I wear skirts… makes it look SUPER smooth.
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer: Most amazing bronzer. Matte and not red toned. Best for contouring and pretty much for that “I just came back from the Turks and Caicos” look!
  • Rimmel Stay Matte (004 Sandstorm). This stuff is like MAC’s Blot Powder but 100x better and 3x cheaper. At apprx $5 a pan, this stuff keeps me matte ALL DAY LONG.
  • Skin is definitely in. I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (the only moisturizer other than the Body Shop’s Hemp facial cream that stops my dry skin from peeling) and L’Oreal Ombrelle SPF 45 face. Sun protection is key. You don’t want wrinkles + age/sun spots.
  • Nothing screams summer to me more than a peachy/coral blush. I like my face matte in the summer, only because I feel like shimmers would just make my face look oilier. My go-to summer blush is MAC Melba :) It is lurve.
  • For the proper sheen in the right places, I highlight with Clinique’s UpLighting Illuminator in 01 Natural. It’s gold toned and gorgeous!
  • Nothing applies powder better (and inexpensively) than ELF’s Studio Powder Brush. $3 USD a pop, and it’s the most amazing brush I’ve ever owned.
  • For lips, other than my SPF balms (not shown) I always have Maybelline’s Colorsensational in Pink Please. It’s that MLBB look with a touch of summer fun :) [Run to rexall right now Canadian ladies, it’s half off!]
  • As for scents, I got tired of Viva La Juicy… I’m now trying out Couture Couture by Juicy Couture and I LOVE IT.

Honestly, since my last post was in April, I owe everyone a huge HUGE blog review post. Right now, I’m typing up a thorough review of the stuff above (yes, those are American Apparel nailpolishes!!!). That’s only a smidgen of what I’ve been amassing in my collection, so I hope you guys all stay tuned!

I just want everyone to know why I moved from Blogger. For some reason, I had some weird follower on my list there. I was wondering why some guy was there, and lo and behold his profile carried a virus.


Hello world!

Hola beauties.

It has definitely been a long time since I last blogged! I know you’ve heard it time and time again, but this time I’m back for good. I’m trying to get used to this wordpress stuff so please please please be patient with me! I have a bunch of new reviews and tutorials to post :) Comment with your requests, etc!

Just to refresh your memory + to keep connected with me other than through here:

Twitter: _marialiezel (authorization needed)

To my old followers (i hope and thank you for still being there), expect more timely reviews + tutorials + opinions on up and coming beauty products. To my new followers, well I guess I’m going to have to introduce myself again.

My name is Maria and I’m a student, fitness nut, beauty enthusiast and a freelance MUA.


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